3D Animation Services

3D Animation

We can help with your animation needs at any step of the way, including consulting on content, script, storyboarding, 3D modeling & animation, lighting, rendering, and compositing. We are a very small studio and work quickly and efficiently to deliver beautiful results that fit in your budget.

iOS Development Services

iOS Development

We have experience bringing iOS apps from concept to app store release, including content and interface design, 3D graphics, and development. We have the ability to develop small apps entirely in-house, saving you time and money.

Scientific and Medical Illustration Services

Scientific Illustration

We have experience working directly with researchers to create beautiful and accurate figures, especially in the fields of molecular and cellular biology.

Kinect Interactive Development Services

Kinect Interactive Development

Imagine your audience navigating through a 3D game by moving their hands and body. This is a wonderful way to engage audiences, especially when coupled with our beautiful 3D visualizations.

Scientific Expertise Services

Scientific Expertise

We have a strong background in biochemistry and cell biology, which gives us a deep understanding of difficult scientific topics and helps us find the best way to communicate them.

Web Development Services

Web Development

The web is a great cross-platform way to present interactives and our proficiency in web development allows us to harness it for content presentation.